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Portfolio Charles Reuben Estate 

20190916 111546 rsCharles Reuben Estate is a vineyard and distillery in the well known Coal River Valley wine region. CRE is a family run business concentrating on the production of premium wines and spirits - especially brandy and fruit brandies from locally grown fruit where possible. Our fruit brandies (or eau de vie or aqua vitae) are a staple in any pantry across Europe.

These aqua vitae have many uses from cooking and baking to digestive and cocktail. Fruit brandies can also be used instead of Gin. Eau de vie can taste similar to some flavoured gins - just omitting the Juniper berry with its dominant flavour.

Spirit and Wine list

  • Brandy (available mid 2022)

    Our brandies have been handcrafted and blended from our vineyard’s and local wine. We use mainly french oak american oak and ex bourbon but also other barrels depending on the style and character of the wine and the flavour profile we want to achieve. Our first releases will be Pinot Noir and Riesling single cask and vintage brandies. We believe this is the first and most sophisticated Tasmanian brandy from a dedicated brandy distillery.

  • Gin 112 (Silver Medal ADSA & Bronze Medal - TASA 2021)

    Our very popular Gin 112 is literally flying off the shelves. Made from 12 botanicals we researched our recipe for 2 years before distilling this one of a kind Gin. Light citrus, floral and a modern aromatic Gin were our goals before we went into research and production. We use 12 botanicals from around the world to bring you this Gin sensation. It is very enjoyable by itself and definitely a great addition to your Gin and Tonic.

  • Tisco (Pisco) (Bronze Medal - Tasting Aus. Spirit Awards, 2021)

    “Pisco” is traditionally a white or amber fruity spirit produced in Chile and Peru. Pisco is produced from grapes but in contrast to brandy must not be matured in oak. Our “Tisco” is the Tasmanian version of Pisco and is produced from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from Charles Reuben Estate. A very popular cocktail is Pisco Sour but by far not the only one that Pisco is or can be used for. Tisco is extremely versatile but also always shows its own character. Why not mix with our Blood Orange?

  • Blood Orange (Silver Medal - Tasting Australia Spirit Awards)

    20200501 165159 RSDescribed as “Cointreau without sugar” our Blood Orange fruit brandy is very versatile in cocktails that asks for an orange liquor or neat. It pairs especially well with desserts and dark chocolate and is one of our all time favourites head to head with our gin. We only use Australian Blood Oranges and distill this special spirit without the addition of artificial flavours or concentrates. Just pure fruit and enjoyment.  

  • Williams (currently sold out - back mid 2022)

    Williams pear or Poire Williams eau de vie is the crown jewel of fermented fruit spirits in France, Germany and many other European countries. The pear flavour of the Williams variety carries beautifully through into the spirit, making it unique in the world of white spirits. Williams is a flavour rich digestive experience after a first class meal and also pairs perfectly with exclusive cheese platters - soft and rich high quality cheese in particular.

  • Tasmanian Pear

    Williams pears are not always easily found in Tasmania so we gave the pear spirit our own Tasmanian spin. We selected several local pear varieties and tested their suitability for distilling. Our resulting pear spirit is a blend of the best pears we could find. Like the “Poire William” this white spirit is very well suited to exclusive meals as a digestive or to accompany cheese or chocolate.

  • Cherry spirit (Kirsch) (Bronze Medal - Tasting Australia Spirit Awards, 2020)

    There are many ways to appreciate cherry brandy. It is commonly not only enjoyed straight as a digestive, it is also used in cocktails, on ice or with soda water. Its versatility further shows in cooking for both savoury and sweet meals. Common uses in the kitchen are: cakes (e.g. Black Forest Cake), fondue, marinated fruit, “Black Forest Coffee” or “Swiss Coffee” , many desserts, sauces, and jam making.

    Kirsch is very popular throughout Europe including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and adjoining countries. We only use local Tasmanian fruit to distill this traditional fruit brandy, “eau de vie'' or “aqua vitae”.
    It takes 8 - 12 times the amount of fruit compared to the volume of the final product in most of our fruit brandies.

  • Apricot (Bronze Medal - Tasting Australia Spirit Awards, 2020)

    The CRE Apricot brandy has the scent of an Apricot orchard in spring. Floral honey like features with a hint of bitter almond. This pure Tasmanian fruit brandy or "eau de vie" has been distilled in the centuries old (eastern-) European tradition to keep elegant fruity flavours and a complex character. This spirit is a rare find and due to its nature is a very limited release. Only ripe selected fruit from Tasmania is fermented naturally and carefully crafted into this spirit by our master distiller once a year during the apricot season. The Apricot spirit is usually enjoyed neat, on ice, with Tonic, in cocktails (e.g. dry Martini), as a digestive or in cooking for desserts, sauces, gravy, glazing and much more.

  • Raspberry

    Raspberry is one of the finest European spirits. The flavour of Raspberry is fine and elegant and not easily extracted in the distilling process. Often we see the addition of sugar or syrup in the final product. We believe though that good fruit and best distilling practices don’t need artificial additions. The Charles Reuben Estate raspberry spirit is distilled from ripe selected Tasmanian Willamette raspberries . High quality fruit combined with the skill of our German trained master distiller enabled us to create this aromatic fruit brandy with a sensational bouquet. No artificial flavouring or additives are part of this elegant and outstanding small batch fruit brandy. Enjoy responsibly pure, on ice with a mint leaf, in cocktails, as a digestive or in cooking for desserts, sauces, glazing and much more.

  • Blackberry (available 2022)

    Charles Reuben Blackberry is distilled in a similar way to the traditional Raspberry spirit. More earthy characters and robust flavours come through from the aromatic Scottish Loch Ness Blackberry variety. A less traditional spirit but modern and elegant to be used like its red sibling … pure, on ice with a mint leaf, in cocktails, as a digestive or in cooking for desserts, sauces, glazing and much more.

  • Double Raspberry (out of stock, back in late 2021 / early 2022)

    Double Raspberry stands for our colourful and very special Raspberry spirit we created at Charles Reuben Estate. After distilling our traditional Raspberry spirit we took that high ABV spirit and gently infused it with more raspberry to create an even stronger and fruitier experience than the traditional Raspberry “eau de vie”.

  • Pink Grapefruit Vodka

    Like the Double Raspberry the Pink Grapefruit vodka is a fruity and sweet experience for that chilled out summer day. An ideal mix with tonic or soda to create a tasty, light and refreshing drink for any occasion. 

  • Vodka

    Vodka by definition is a neutral spirit and therefore not what Charles Reuben Estate stands for. But Vodka is an excellent spirit to mix. We create this pure Vodka mainly for our upcoming spirit mixes but found it too good to withhold from the public. So there it is. Charles Reuben Estate Vodka. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Some of the above products are currently in production and will be available soon. There are many more products in planning so please ask if you are missing a product or like an update. 

We are also specialising in the production of small event specific spirits. Contact us for a quote to distill your very own wedding, birthday, open air concert, theater or celebratory Gin, Brandy or liqueur…

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Current Wine List

  • Pinot Noir 2018 (Bronze Medal - Melbourne International Wine Competition 2021)

    Dedicated to "Lee" Patrick Carr this unblended single origin Pinot Noir was harvested in late March 2018 from one unique manually maintained vineyard block.After extended barrel ageing (18 months) concentrated dark plum and cherry aromatics lengthen to further red berry and savoury spice flavours. We release vintages when we find their maturity ready for sale.

  • Rosé 2019 (Silver Medal - Melbourne International Wine Competition 2021)

    Vibrant aromas of red apple peel and rosehip continue into ripe strawberry and spice flavours.

  • Riesling 2021 (available mid 2022. Previous vintages sold out)

    Light tropical aromas flow through to flavours of green apple and grapefruit. Our Riesling is a perfect match to Tasmanian seafood, pork and typical Asian and Thai dishes.

  • Port (available 2022)

    In 2020 Charles Reuben Estate created a pure vintage, single vineyard and cask fortified wine with spirit from the Charles Reuben Estate distillery. Good things can’t be rushed and the fortified wine will be available when it has aged to its full potential.

    GOLD MEDAL for Tasmanian Rosé Winery of the Year 2021

Tasmania Rose Winery of the YearTasmania Rose Winery of the YearTasmania Rose Winery of the Year


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